Hi, I’m Ann Varney

Do you long for connecting to your tribe, the people who get you, the people who have been on a similar journey, the ones who know there is something else to this thing we call… LIFE?

Do you have a deep knowing or have a feeling that just won’t go away or you hide the deepest part of you for fear of people not getting you or judging you.

I hear you…. because I too lived my life like this until my intuition was so strong I had to live life from an authentic place and embrace my spiritual power and healing gifts.instructor

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Join Your Tribe With Ann Varney


Intuitive Courses

Learn to develop and connect to your intuitive gifts and knowledge about energy practices and meditation from a spiritual teacher with real-world experience.

The course platform will teach you everything you need to know about working with and channelling your guides, your power animals, past-lives, energy healing, and so much more.

Everything is energy and I teach you how to have the innate ability to see and feel blockages within the energy fields of yourself and others.

You will learn to deepen your connection, raise your vibration and connect directly to receive inspirational guidance.

The courses allow you to deepen your spiritual awareness within and around you, connecting and inspiring you whilst healing you at a deep level.

Courses are collectively made for you to help you to channel, unblock and heal energy, deep soulful connection, become your true authentic self, embracing the true you.

All courses are for beginner, intermediate and experienced levels. However, the Intuitive Master Healer certified 6- month Programme requires a dedicated person who is serious about their advancement within lots of Spiritual Modalities.

Please fill in an application form down below, to see if we are compatible to work with each other. I certainly hope so.

What People Say

What real people said about Ann's teaching abilities.

"I really was struggling with life until I met Ann Varney. I have been introduced to so many different concepts that have allowed me to heal at a deep core level, whilst being taught skills that I’ve learnt from a Master of a high standard, and I highly recommend..."
"My life has changed in so many awesome ways since I have been attuned to completely different healing energies. I have even been attuned to my own personal power symbol, which helps me and my clients remove blockages and balance the inner core, all thanks to Ann Varney who is an exceptional teacher."
"When I look back on my life pre .....Ann Varney, it is very different from it is today. As I have such a different positive outlook and skill set that I teach other people the spiritual gifts that Ann has been so generous to teach her students. I have used other online platforms but this is definitely the best by far as Ann is with you every step of the way, and what you are taught is life changing."

Join our community of students around the world helping you enhance and earn from your intuitive gifts.

Inspire and Enlighten

Inspire and Enlighten

You will gain great insights into your OWN self whilst mastering your own powerful intuition and intuitive skills.

You will tap into the self with personal awareness from The Intuitive Healing Business Program, or by attending live retreats or live calls.

Ann Varney has the gift of teaching and leading with laughter and empathy. Online courses will help you learn about your intuitive gifts and heal at a core level.

Ann Varney and the Intuitive Healing Business Academy are dedicated to inspire and enlighten self-healing and mastering your personal growth, whilst honouring your spirit with the utmost respect.

Our Service Categories

So many intuitive goals that we expect you to achieve.


Improved skills for enhancing your Intuitive gifts, whilst healing the very core of your being and aiding others in their healing.


The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by your self.


Gain knowledge about Spiritual Practices, Energy Practices, Shamanism, Spiritual Ethics, business trends and client approaches.


Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of learners and connect as a tribe whilst you each integrate this course.


This course for learners in almost every country and currency. Checkout via some popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe, BACS.


Experience chakra balancing and healing, spiritual healing. How to clear negative energy, receive Intuitive training, Connect to your own inner guidance and guides. Retrieve your lost power and soul. Be attuned to your own personal energy symbol and your own personal growth.

Ann Varney is more than a teacher, as she really cares about her students and personally guides them within immense wisdom and knowledge. Ann has taught me amazing energy work on a few occasions and she brings an element of fun with her personal style of teaching and she always gives her students 100%.
Ann Varney is a very talented lady skilled in many areas, she is one of the most inspiring supportive positive person I have met. Ann has changed my life massively in a very short time, she has helped me implement coping strategies with support and kindness. I now look forward to every new day and what it may hold. I have spoken to many people she has worked with and all have said how life-changing the experience has been for them.
The teachings from Ann Varney have taught me how to flip a negative thought to a positive mindset. I have learnt to calm my overthinking mind and focus and vilsualise. My meditation skills are now able to control my anxious thoughts and restless spirit. Ann uses a combination of skills to help you achieve your goals, and combat negative, self-destructive thoughts. I am so blessed to have Ann positively impact my life and teach me an amazing new skillset.