Energetic Health & Boundaries

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Do you know how to work energetically with yourself and others and how to deal with different types of energies

This training is for people from all walks of life, Starseeds, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Empaths,  Lightworkers and Spiritual dabblers……

All those who feel and experience energy regularly in the world.

It’s for you if you have felt affected by any negative energies, or even just overwhelmed, want to have better control of your energy and energetic system and desire to be a clearer channel for your clients.

I know what It feels like to be energetically depleted.

Its pretty natural for empaths to go through that at some point in their lives

Feeling Energy is a gift and why would I want to shut that down?


No – there is a way to feel it and then let it go so it doesn’t affect you.

I know about this working with energy every day as a Healer and Teacher.

In the past, I kept myself hidden for fear of being judged and had such a hard time dealing with the public, that if someone was rude, I would beat myself up so badly, and being under psychic attack was brutal. As for entities, I used to cower with not a clue how to deal with them.

I felt vulnerable and exposed.

My safe haven was retreating and being alone. I felt anxious, exhausted, depleted most of the time and my body gained weight as a protection mechanism.

It shifted for me when I started to practice energetic hygiene and boundary principles. I started to feel confident and at ease, even when people around me were feeling not so nice emotions.

Then working with clients was another experience to uplevel my energies.

I had seen clients who came to me experiencing possession, entity attachments, lost souls hooked on, I had all sorts of full-on energetic experiences and I had to learn to walk away unaffected by those at the end of the day.

With the right energetic tools, this was easy.

My responsibility to my clients was knowing how to deal with this and clean it up.

If an energy healer doesn’t look after their energy or maintain energetic hygiene they can act as gateways for their client to be affected negatively by certain energies.

Being an energy healer can be really full-on.

You need to be prepared that if you’re dealing with the energetic world you’re dealing with all of it. This isn’t an all ‘love and light’ situation.

This is dealing with the fact that your clients are going to come to you with a whole range of things and you need to be prepared to deal with the shadow side of it too.

This training will take you through what you need to do to remain a clear energetic vessel easily and consistently.

This training will cover everything you need to know to feel energetically healthy and be a clear vessel, for your self.

What does being a clear vessel feel like ?

You feel charged, rejuvenated, full of energy, aligned with divine guidance and divine downloads.

You feel its easy to do the work you want, you feel at ease emotionally and physically.

It’s the state we’re meant to be in.

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