Intuitive Master Healer Certified Programme

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Learn to Connect to Your Psychic Self

Do you feel like you don’t belong in this world?

Do you sometimes hide from your true authentic self?

Do you wish you could connect to your inner power?

Do you wish you were a Master in your spiritual gifts?

Do you have dreams/feelings of a different Universe?

Do you feel like you need guidance on what and how you got here?

Do you feel like you are in a world of your own at times and no-one understands you?

Do you seek a new way as you have so much in your heart and within you want to express?

Do you find it difficult to connect to people or have you not met your own tribe yet?

Do you know there is something more out there that will help you lead a better life?

Do you wish that you could connect to your guides, angels, loved ones who have crossed over?

Are you instantly showered in goosebumps when you hear, see or feel something around you that you do not quite understand?

Do you want to tap into your intuition and wisdom that is inside of you?



Would you like to tap into a higher power and channel your guides for instant messages for yourself and others and trust that guidance?

Are you feeling like no-one gets you … hiding yourself from showing the real YOU?

Do you want to travel to other dimensions?

Would you like to really expand your energy and manifest what you wish instantly?

Do you want to let go of the past and/or connect to the past to release it?

Energetically become a higher vibrational being

Do you finally, want to be shown how to earn from your spiritual gifts as a Master healer and do it successfully?




Intuitive Master 9-month Program comes to you at a powerful time as the planet wakes up in the 5th dimension ascension 

This Empowering Program is for everyone, especially Starseeds, Empaths, Lightworkers, Spiritual entrepreneurs and Spiritual dabblers who are ready to come forward and shine their light into the world with unconditional love, manifestation, healing skills, be ready to embrace your full power that is waiting for you to take the final step into becoming a MASTER and earn successfully from this.

Embracing the real you, the real spiritual goddess, the real powerhouse, the leader that has always resided in you and is now ready to be unleashed into the world.

Not only will your clients be in awe of what you have done for them, when you bring their power and soul parts back into them, as they lead the way to a new life and show them how to re-connect with the part of them, that has always been there.

But you will feel a deep respect with yourself, your fellow man and woman and the amazing spiritual team that you have amassed on this 9-month Intuitive Master Program.


I will reach out to you for a private call to determine if you are a good fit for this program.

If you want to know what the 9-month program entails and our journey together with your tribe read below.


Intuitive Master Program

This program gives you tools on how to use your Intuition for self-healing and of a professional healer/teacher.

Duration – 9 months

Format – Online on the Academy Platform (with live fortnightly calls via Zoom)

  • Learn how to self heal yourself 
  • Become an excellent healer for your clients with an Intuitive Masters Certification gaining excellent healing and teaching skills.

Curriculum – Intuitive Master Program

Module 1 

Focuses on healing the seven main energy centres via self-hypnosis, meditation and group sessions. 

You will learn how to detect:

  • The excess and deficiencies of the energy centres 
  • Different ways on how to heal and clear the energy centres.
  • The aspects of each energy centre
  • How to communicate with each vibrational centre
  • Programs and belief systems within the chakras
  • Loving-kindness meditation to open the heart chakra
  • The pillar of light to ground and heal.
  • The addictions, demons of the chakras

Throughout this module, you will be given assignments and will be asked for 2 case studies using the different healing modalities for each energy centre, as this is a deep self-healing module. You will be guided and on calls with Ann throughout this module to talk through all aspects of this module.

Module 2

Focuses on the Spirit realm of protection and how to energise your soul and cut the cords of energy and relationships that no longer serve you. Learn about the Energy Vampires ways and how to release.

  • Protecting your energy field and how to use the pillar of light to protect others 
  • How to detect energy vampires and how to block them
  • Cutting the cords to past relationships, people, places etc 
  • Energise your energy field and others 

This module will make you feel significantly safer in your skin and also your home. It will also allow your energy centres to become lighter. Ann will guide you via videos, self-hypnosis and group calls and 1:1 personal call if needed.

Module 3

Focuses on your soul’s purpose, your connection to the spirit world, your conscious and subconscious mind and how to evolve with your purpose and your mission within the world.  How to gain guidance from the spirit realm and how to use this information for your own self-healing or within your profession. Also, how to listen to your higher self.

  • Connect to your inner world of spirit guides in the form of spirit animals
  • Access your Spirit Council for valuable information towards your soul’s purpose
  • Receive guidance
  • Connecting to your ancestors
  • How to gain access to your subconscious mind and make the changes by yourself
  • Listening to the inner whisper of the Higher Self

By the end of this module, you will know yourself so clearly and all of your spiritual team will be enveloping you in self-love, whilst your subconscious mind will be ready to clear the old programs you have been carrying around with since a child. An assignment and quiz will be at the end of this module. Also, personal guidance from Ann.

Module 4

Connect to Your Angels and Archangels in a powerful way, learning how they can assist you and the people you work with on this enlightenment path. Get to know when they are around you, and what the meaning of each Archangel represents and how you can connect you with your soul’s path and everyday life.

  • Archangel Gift to you
  • Developing your spiritual gifts and clairvoyance with the Angels
  • Extra Powerful Protection from the Archangels
  • Getting clear guidance on what, where and how you live your life
  • How to interpret Angel signs and synchronicities
  • The ethics of working with the Archangels and clients

You will be in awe at the end of this module and have so much trust in the Universe and yourself, that you will know what path to take in life and also how to embrace the synchronicities that will be part of your life. You will have love deep in your heart for yourself and mankind. This is a module that will allow to hear, see, feel the angels around you. Personal Guidance from Ann on how to interpret your signs.

Module 5

This module focuses on how many lives in the past have you been fortunate to experience and if you need to break the energy to these lives. Also, what is holding you back in this life that you keep experiencing and how to heal this. You will also learn your own timeline and how to see into the future.

  • How many Lives are karmic
  • Release the toxic relationships with people, money, material possessions, and so much more……
  • Heal the past 
  • Timeline to the future self 

You will be taken on a beautiful journey of your past lives and be taught different ways on how to do this, and how to use your own timeline and different aspects of this for your own creation. 2 case studies and group sessions with Ann. 

Module 6

You will focus on the powerful inner healer from the spiritual realm and be shown how the shaman access’s guidance from the spirit realm, as you are taken on many journeys for your own self-healing and within a professional nature, you will learn how to access healing information for self, clients, businesses, etc and be taught the tools of the shaman along the way. You will also learn about soul loss and power loss and how to retrieve this effectively and easily.

  • Journeying to the spirit realms easily and effectively
  • How to reclaim your power by channelling 
  • Embody your soul essence to be complete in your soul purpose
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Allow your energy to become clearer 
  • Listen to your higher self
  • Travel to different dimensions

The shaman resides in all of humanity and it is within your power to embrace your own inner shaman and travel through different dimensions unleashing your power whilst attaining inner real guidance that will transform you and others. Videos, hypnosis, meditations and group calls will entail all. Also, assignment and 2 case studies.

Module 7

The focus on this module healing energy practices that bring balance and peace to your soul and others. Here you will be attuned with Reiki and Seichem to Master level, where you will be able to teach this if you wish to groups and also how to safely give Distant healings globally. You will also be attuned to your very own personal healing symbol.

  • Attunements of powerful energy
  • Guidance on how to use this powerful energy
  • Safely healing the planet and humans as your birthright
  • Attunement of your own special healing symbol 
  • And so much more ……

You will be gifted with the amazing powerful energy modalities that will be attuned by Ann, who teaches this with many people. You will access this via videos, personal 1:1 and group meetings. You will need 2 case studies and a quiz

Module 8

This module focuses on how to bring all of this together for your self-healing and either practice with your family or friends or use it professionally and earn ethically and passionately. You will learn the digital and in person world of healers and how to maintain your following as a Master with your very own tribe.

  • How to create digital posts on social media, email etc
  • Where to find your dream clients
  • What platform to use
  • Become the Master in your healing modality
  • How to achieve global status, if this is what you aspire to

There is so much within this module that will help you if you are a beginner or a fully professional therapist. Ann will give you all her secrets of what works and how to build the relationships with people to gain trust and want you to help them with your skills, as Ann has over 25 years of business acumen that allowed her 6 figure salaries.



Intuitive Master Program

This program will heal stubborn blocks, transform you and the people who you work with. Ann has worked with thousands of people throughout the years and has seen deep healing within the people she has worked with.

The blueprint that you were born with will be shown within for you to truly access your soul’s purpose and how to gain this from all that you learn from this 9-month program within the IntuitiveHealer Business Academy.

This is the most powerful, comprehensive program out there as you

  • Step into your power within (and stop looking elsewhere for your answers)
  • Find your centre (not who you’ve been told to be)
  • Embrace your souls purpose
  • Learn how to listen to your intuition instead of the chatter
  • Heal yourself at a deep level and others

–Feeling content, centred, and grounded as you embrace your spiritual gifts

–Finally, meeting your tribe and no longer feeling disconnected, low energy, empty, or not belonging

The emphasis is completely on you and by the end of the program you will look back and be able to know you have finally embraced your true inner calling and upon completion you will be certified as a


‘Master Intuitive Energy Teacher

This course caters to starseeds, lightworkers, holistic health practitioners, energy healers, hands-on healers, spiritual entrepreneurs and anyone else who would like to develop a strong intuition to help and treat their clients or manage their own intuitive gifts.

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Course Content

Total learning: 100 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 28 weeks


£7,899.00 £4,989.00


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Connection to the Spirit World


Re-aligning Your Soul's Purpose

Energy Balancing

Soul & Power Retrievals


Self- Hypnosis


Business Acumen Resources

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