Journey to Manifestation


Journey to Manifestation


 4-part Training Series

After tuning into my guides and continually asking for a Manifestation Training Series that ACTUALLY works.

Some manifested within minutes of doing the activations, as detailed below:

Journey to Manifestation


 4-part Training Series

  •  Brand new iMac to the tune of £1.5k
  • £3k instantly
  • MUA manifested 5 wedding jobs, music video, celebrity MUA and travelling abroad with Designers
  • A BRAND NEW Eco-friendly business having over
    4k visitors and 1k shares and 300+ sign-ups in the first week
  • A new car, £2k, and 4 new clients and they keep on coming…
  • £3k from unexpected sources instantly
  • Better relationships with family
  • Publishing Deal
  • A NEW DREAM job with a £10k increase in wages with a completely different company

I am happy to bring to you the FREE Love & Manifestation 4-part training series that you complete over 4 days, you can do each part as many times as you wish, or do the whole course time and again as you have unlimited access to this if you have registered or given your email. (Register on the Front page in the top right hand corner)

In this Free program you will:

Increase your vibration to the 5th Dimension – This is the manifesting dimension

Activations within Part 1 video will allow you to activate a new vibration in your energy field allowing you to make way for your new manifestations that are coming to you……. so be careful what you wish for !!!

Release limiting beliefs, emotions, thoughts and more…

WE all hold onto past events that are stuck in our subconscious mind or energy field…. Well Part 2 releases these for you in a safe and potected way via self-hypnosis

Release emotional and physical pain

How many times do you stop yourself from doing something you dream of for fear of past hurts… well now is the time to let that go.. that inner pain and fear oncwe and for all, let it flow out of your body to make way for the new vibration

Embrace your Inner Child

A self-hypnosis on Part 3 will allow you to embrace and give the love that you maybe felt you didnt get  as a child, or those restricted things you were told that keep yopu trapped where you are now… release release release….

Instal new beliefs and thought patterns

You will be taken to the 5th Dimension and new beliefs will be activated into your energy field and subconscious mind and your conscious mind to accept the manifestations and love into your energy field

Embrace your Soul’s Purpose and realigning with it

Making sure that you are asking for what your Soul Purpose wants and/or needs … feeling it within the body and releasing it out of your energy field once and for all.

Activating the Manifestation vibration

Now this is the day I basically did the Manifestation activation, and within 20 minutes I had manifested an iMac that would have blown your socks off with the HOW!! … and this is one of the things that I asked for. You will be given the same activation within the video on Part 4.

Releasing those old money blocks

How many times do you receive money, only for it to quickly go out of your vibration as soon as it comes in.

Activating the receiving vibration

Bonus – you will listen to a self hypnosis that will allow you to activate your very own receiving vibration…. how many times do you manifest only to make it hard for yourself because you cannot receive it with grace … I for one used to do this .. NOT now though!!!

Embracing yourself with new intentions

letting go of the old you and allowing these new vibrations to come into your energy field with ease…..

All this will be done via self-hypnosis and videos that are in each section. Always listen to the Self-hypnosis first and you can listen to these as many times as you wish throughout the day



Course Content

Total learning: 4 lessons Time: 4 days